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Augmentative mastoplasty

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mammary prosthesis

Augmentative mastoplasty (mammary prosthesis): Is the surgery used to increase the size of the breast or bust. At present, mammary implants are very safe, since they use high quality and latest generation prosthesis, with silicone cohesive gel that will stick together even in case of prosthesis’ breakage.

The incision is performed on the lower edge of the areola, so that it is not visible.

In general, we use the retro-muscular (behind the muscle) technique, since it has a more natural effect and involves a lower risk of encapsulation.

It does not alter the mammographic visualization and does not pose problems to breast-feeding. It takes about 1 hour and a half, and is done with local anesthesia plus neuroleptoanalgesia. Stitches are not removed and it requires a 10-15 days post-surgical recovery.

Depending on the case, drainage may be left during 48 hours approximately.